Licence-free flexwing flying on a sub70 nanolight trike

Snake formation flying.

The Snake flexwing nanolight trike is designed to take advantage of the CAA exemption E5036, allowing powered, wheeled aircraft to be flown solo without a formal licence. The aircraft needs to weigh sub-70kg with full fuel (75kg with a parachute), stall at less than 20knots and carry adequate third party insurance. It can also be registered as a microlight if you already have a licence or would like access to heavier configurations.

With historically low levels of depreciation and no need for a trailer or hangarage the Snake offers one of the most affordable routes into flexwing flying.

Snake formation: 2x Grif 3DC wings and a Fox13T nanolight wing
Snake formation: 2x Grif 3DC wings and a Fox13T nanolight wing.

The trike

As the lightest trike on the UK market the Snake can be paired with more powerful engines and efficient double-surface wings, whilst still remaining legally below the sub-70 limit. Primarily constructed of 6082 T6 alloy with solid Ergal 7075 undercarriage legs, the Snake has been load tested to over 600kg without damage. The Snake also boasts the highest payload of any UK sub-70 trike.

Snake stowed in a car boot with one rear seat folded.

The Snake folds up in minutes for easy transport inside the boot of many cars, eliminating the cost and exposure involved with trailering. Simply remove the detachable 10litre fuel tank and 5 pins to fold the trike and remove the undercarriage legs. Furthermore, the trike geometry allows the wing basebar to be laid flat on the ground, simplifying the rigging process dramatically. A genuine 15 minute rigging time including both the trike and wing is readily achievable (see the video here), making the Snake one of the most portable flexwing aircraft ever created.

The Snake comes with a nosewheel brake as standard- vital for safety and short field performance. Incredibly strong solid main undercarriage legs eliminate the need for draggy bracing wires and also provide effective suspension on rough ground.

The standard undercarriage is the lightest and most efficient choice, with puncture-proof foam-cored tyres on the main wheels. Pneumatic tyres and alloy wheels are also available at a 2.5kg weight penalty which give a more traditional appearance. Finally, our Tundra balloon tyre option gives the ability to land almost anywhere, with an incredibly forgiving ride over even the roughest terrain.

Snake with optional tundra tyres and Adventure luggage bag.
Snake with optional tundra tyres and Adventure luggage bag.

The trike features ample ground clearance; useful when taxiing over long grass, and creating room for the Adventure under-slung luggage bag option for extended touring.

The Snake comes in a quality anodized aluminium finish with the chromoly steel sections powder coated in your choice of colour. Special metal flake powder coats are also available at extra cost.

Snake trikes in three standard colour options
Snake trikes in three common colour options.

Wing options

The Snake has been flight tested with the widest range of wings of any sub-70 nanolight currently on the UK market, made possible thanks to the extremely light weight of the trike. Take a look at our Wing Options page for more details.


To help simplify the wide range of choices available to you, we’ve built a price calculator to weigh up the various options.