November 2021

Newsletter- November 2021

Minifox Black Friday Sale offer!

In order to release funds for new projects, our Minifox Evo-Speed demonstrator needs to find a new owner as soon as possible. Now is the time to grab a bargain as

No sensible offer will be refused!

G-MFUX Evo Speed Minifox

G-MFUX features the Evo Speed fully-enclosed cabin, although this can be removed easily if required for summer flying. The side panel gives easy access to the large luggage space, ideal for longer touring flights.

Finished in striking flourescent orange, with the excellent Cisco Bull Max electric start engine and carbon prop. G-MFUX also features the alloy wheel upgrade and FlyElectronics Motomonitor for a comprehensive instrument suite. List price with these options is over £28,000, but all offers will be considered. The aircraft has just over 6hrs total flight time and is viewable in Northamptonshire. Truly a joy to fly with one of the most spacious cockpits to be found in this category of aircraft.

You can catch a glimpse of the Minifox manoeuvrability and docile stall characteristics in the video below:

For more details please contact me (David Broom) on 07773 253454 or Email subscribers will receive this offer before the general public.

You can also see a brief introduction to the Minifox and our Snake flexwing aircraft in this interview with Giles Fowler, filmed at the Popham Microlight Rally earlier this year: