Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the industry, Fun Flying Ltd (formerly Airplay Aircraft Ltd) is committed to supplying quality light recreational aircraft to the UK and the North American markets. Two of our aircraft offer some of the lightest and most affordable flying in their respective sectors- the Snake flexwing trike and Minifox fixed-wing microlight.

The Snake sub-70 flexwing trike

The Snake flexwing trike, with Fox13T and Grif 3DC wings shown.
The Snake flexwing trike, with Fox13T and Grif 3DC wings shown.

The ultra-lightweight Snake trike is a nanolight aircraft which can either be operated as a sub-70kg SPHG flexwing, allowing it to be flown legally without a licence, or as a fully-fledged microlight.

The Snake trike folds in minutes for easy transport in the boot of the average family car, combining the portability of a paramotor with the enhanced weather capability of a microlight. It holds the current World Record for distance flown without engine power.

A ready-to-fly Snake aircraft could be yours from under £12K (inc VAT & shipping).

The Minifox SSDR fixed-wing microlight

The Minifox SSDR fixed-wing microlight.
A Minifox demonstrating incredible short take-off performance.

The Minifox offers minimalist flying at a fraction of the cost of most other fixed-wing microlights. Sitting comfortably within the UK Single-Seat DeRegulated (SSDR) Microlight class, running costs are incredibly low with no legal requirement for ongoing permit fees. The one-person removable wings keep hangarage costs to a minimum. A simple wing-fold mechanism is also available as an option making rigging and de-rigging even quicker.

The Minifox is available both ready-built, or as a comprehensive kit that requires less than 100hrs to complete.

A brand new quick-build kit Minifox complete with Corsair Black Bull 33Hp engine costs from as little as £19K, with a ready-built option available from £22,698 (inc VAT & shipping).