Wing options

Wing options for the Snake

Due to the extremely light weight of the Snake trike we can offer all of the wings listed below and still remain within the SPHG 70kg weight limit with full fuel. If you are planning to operate the Snake as an SSDR microlight there is an even greater range of wing options available; please contact us for details. These include competition-level soaring wings and high-speed touring options.


Fox13T wing coupled to a Snake trikeOur most affordable wing option is the Aeros Fox13T single-surface wing, specifically designed for nanolight sub-70kg aircraft. The excellent stability and docile handling make this a perfect wing for beginners. It’s the lightest wing we offer, at 25.5kg with the optional ODL Technora wing fabric. A range of Dacron colours are available as a no-cost option.

A wing-fold kit can be incorporated into this kingposted wing if trailering the Snake is preferred. This can reduce the rigging time to around 5 minutes.

Hands-off cruise speeds are in the region of 30mph, with a 20mph extremely gentle mush stall. The best glide ratio approaches 9:1, although this drops dramatically at higher speeds. This characteristic makes the Fox13T an ideal choice for short-field operation, particularly as the light weight makes fitment of the 33Hp BullMax engine possible under the 70kg SPHG limit. Maximum Take-Off Weight is 170kg.


The 3DC is a 13.5m² double-surface nanolight wing. As such, it offers a higher level of efficiency and improved glide ratio whilst still retaining a comfortable 35mph cruise speed. The stall speed is in the region of 20-25mph depending on weight and if the optional vortex generators are installed (which also have the effect of making the stall even more gentle and benign than standard).

The wing handling is wonderfully light and sporty at all speeds, and offers predictable behaviour for short field operation. MTOW is 190kg.

All Grif wings offer various ways to reduce the packaged length (useful if storage space is at a premium, or for transporting the wing on airlines). The quick short-pack reduces the packed length of the 3DC from 5.32m to 4.58m. A further reduction is possible to only 3.57m length. Neither of these short-pack options require any tools and can be completed in minutes.

A PX20 trilaminate leading edge is available as an option, as are a range of undersurface colour combinations. Grif can also powder-coat the A-frame and kingpost any RAL colour in order to create your ideal colour scheme.

Another option is a LED strobe system built into streamlined fibreglass wingtip fairings. These are ideal for improving visibility in low-light conditions as well as improving the aesthetics further.

Grif also offer the HS14 & HS16  (14 and 16m²) wings for a more traditional hang-glider experience.


New for 2018 the Snake will be offered with the Avian Fly & Rio wings. Designed to offer a dual-purpose wing which can be free-flown as a supine hang-glider as well as mounted to the Snake trike, requiring no tools or modifications. More details will be on the website shortly.

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