Engine options

Engine options

The Snake is available with a variety of modern two-stroke paramotor engines. All of these offer much higher power-to-weight ratios compared with older microlight engines, and also benefit from worldwide spares and support.

Airplay are UK dealers for Vittorazi, Corsair and also hold spares for the now-discontinued Cisco range of engines. All engines are available with either recoil only or dual electric+recoil start systems. Thrust is provided either by a specialised wooden propeller or carbon E-prop for enhanced durability.

Please note our recommended engine option will vary depending on wing choice and pilot background; please contact us for an informal chat. We are also happy to supply a basic Snake for your own engine installation, or to quote for fitting your existing paramotor engine to a new trike.


The most suitable Vittorazi engine is the Moster Silent, rated at 25Hp. Exceptionally quiet, the Moster has a very loyal following in the paramotor community. All Mosters sold with the Snake are the latest MY20 version, with revised exhaust for increased reliability.


The Corsair range includes the 25Hp Black Devil and 33Hp Black Bull. Priced very competitively the Corsair range offer unbeatable horsepower-for-money. Corsair also offer a number of useful engine accessories including a generator coil and quick-release prop flange.

Snake with Cisco C-Max and Bull Max engines
The Snake is available with a wide range of engine & propeller combinations.

Wing options

The Snake has been fully flight tested with the widest range of wings of any sub-70 nanolight currently on the UK market, made possible thanks to the extremely light weight of the trike. Take a look at our Wing Options page for more details.


To help simplify the wide range of choices available to you, we’ve built a price calculator to weigh up the various options.