August 2019

Newsletter- Summer Sale Event

After stocking up before our (previous) Brexit deadline, I now have a couple of Snakes available at a juicy discount! With the value of the pound currently in free-fall these offers might take some beating, and both aircraft are available immediately.

Offer 1- SSDR Snake G-CLFO

If the above video fails to load, click here.

Now sold- sorry!

Offer 2- Sub-70 Snake demonstrator

Seen here at the Paramotor Club Summer Fly-in 2019

With all of our summer flying festivals completed I’m now putting my current demonstrator up for sale.

  • Sub-70 compliant (no registration or licence required)
  • Cisco C-Max 175 recoil start engine
  • Helix carbon prop
  • Top-spec Grif 3DC wing in BTD Fluo Green/Black and matching black powder-coat
  • PX20 leading edge with vortex generators
  • Wingtip fairings and LED strobes
  • Generator coil wired to power strobes directly
  • Adventure luggage bag
  • Motomonitor flight instrument

This is the aircraft shown in most of my previous videos, including setting the current world record for distance flown without engine power. The Grif 3DC is undoubtedly our most efficient and highest performance wing currently compliant with the sub-70 exemption, and also handles sublimely. This machine (serial number 6!) was built at the start of 2018 and currently has 55hrs- although this may increase slightly due to continued flying.

£10,000 inc VAT (Total saving: £2,538.80)

As with all Snakes, these aircraft fold in minutes to fit in the boot of your car, eliminating any need for trailering. The genuine 15 minute rig/derig makes home storage a practical solution, and unsupported fly/drive holidays are a breeze!

A Snake and motorhome- everything you need for a fly/drive holiday adventure!
A Snake and motorhome- everything you need for a fly/drive holiday adventure!

Cisco offers

I also have a number of Cisco Bull Max engines and props in stock available at pre-Brexit prices. All are brand new and to be sold with a full warranty. The 33Hp Bull Max weighs only 16.5kg and is super-smooth thanks to the counter-balance shaft included as standard. These would be ideal for paramotorists looking for a bit more power, or for your own sub-70/SSDR microlight project.

For more information on these or any other offers please get in touch.